Maliyyə-NazirliyiOn June 30, 2009 the Court on Civil Cases of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan Republic under the guidance of the Judge Mr. Rashadat Aghayev has considered the appeal of the Ministry of Finance and has made a decision on ignoring it.
Before the Shirvan Appeal Court had provided the appeal submitted by the group of land owners against the State Committee of Land and Cartography, State Oil Company of Azerbaijan and BP Azerbaijan on reimbursement of compensation, had made a verdict on reimbursement of compensation to land owners. The Ministry of Finance was charged for the execution of the verdict.
The ministry of Finance which is not satisfied with the decision had submitted the appeal to the Court on Civil Cases of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan Republic.
The Court has found no grounds for the appeal of the Ministry of Finance and ignored it on the court hearings conducted on June 30, 2009.
Thus the 14 land owners will be provided with reimbursement from the state budget of Azerbaijan Republic.
The verdict of the court is creating the precedent. 7000 more land owners can demand compensation from the state using this verdict. However there are close to 7200 land owners on the zone of influence of the pipelines Baku – Subsa and Baku – Novorossiysk and none of them are provided with compensation.
On the court litigation continued more than 3 years was achieved successful conclusion for the next time.
The defense of the land owners has been provided by the Citizen’s Labor Rights Protection League for the whole period.
At the same time the activity of the organization in this direction is conducted within the project financed by the Open Society Institute – Human Rights and Governance Grants Program (Budapest) at the moment.

CLPRL Press Service